Corporate Responsibility Overview

Corporate Responsibility

Signal Hill Petroleum is dedicated to our communities, environment, and to providing domestic energy resources for generations to come.


With a set of core values rooted in a transparent business philosophy, honest approach, and concern for the environment, our company strives to be an excellent neighbor and community partner. We share a vision to see that our cities thrive and continue to be a prosperous place to live and work.

Our company has invested millions of dollars to implement the cleanest, most advanced technology to run our operations and protect the environment. Our communication and interaction with residents, city officials, and businesses has created an open rapport and mutual support between our company and the community.

On both corporate and individual levels our company gives time and money to schools, hospitals, chambers of commerce, and non-profit organizations. We invest in local universities in support of sciences like geology, physics, and engineering, hoping to bridge the gap between industry, academics and the community.