Oil & Gas Operations Overview


Combining cutting edge 3D seismic imaging with nearly a centuries worth of oil field data Signal Hill Petroleum's Exploration team works to solve the mystery of what lies underfoot.

We believe there are still significant amounts of oil and gas remaining to be discovered in the Signal Hill Oil Field and beyond. Because of that, our geologists, engineers and geophysicists work together, using seismic imaging technology to comb over contemporary and historic data and determine the locations of these new potential sites.

As the first company applying this modern 3D data to the Los Angeles Basin, Signal Hill Petroleum is the industry leader in exploration and extraction in urban environments, constantly pursuing in-field as well as green-field availability.

With well locations placed near homes, in shopping center parking lots and hidden among City parks, the exploration team puts priority on maintaining good neighborhood relations in its efforts to access new oil and gas sources.

Our company pioneers innovative, urban-friendly technologies and positive Golden Rule-guided practices that ensure neither residents nor the environment are impacted by the company's ongoing exploratory efforts.