Energy Reality & Education Overview

Energy Reality & Education

Crude oil and petroleum products play an integral and often unrecognized role in our daily lives.


Americans rely on oil and natural gas for obvious things, like fueling our cars to get us to where we need to go, and heating and cooling our homes. But what people don't realize is how truly essential these resources are in our everyday lives. Oil and natural gas are used in more than 6,000 different products from medicines to clothes, electronics and sports equipment.

Signal Hill Petroleum is committed to educating our communities and public leaders on energy facts and the importance of crude oil and natural gas for our energy and economic future. Our energy reality is that liquid transportation fuels are the heartbeat of the American economy and are derived almost exclusively from crude oil.

Our economic reality is that oil and gas exploration and production are
major drivers to the American economy and create a significant number of American jobs.


It's also our economic reality that imported crude oil is an unprecedented economic drain on the American economy. Our mission is to spotlight that American energy production means American energy security, American jobs and American prosperity.

We believe it's a fact that crude oil and liquid transportation fuels will continue to be the heartbeat of the American economy for many decades to come, and our belief is supported by forecasts from the United States Department of Energy.

But most importantly, we believe that the American public-if well informed on the real facts about energy reality and energy economics-will be a driving force to align American regulatory and political policy to provide for a more prosperous American future.