Oil & Gas Operations Overview

Oil & Gas Operations Overview

Signal Hill Petroleum has a long history of success and continuous growth in the oil and gas business, and specializes in urban oil operations in the Los Angeles Basin of California. Our core assets in the Long Beach/Signal Hill Oilfield include more than 400 wells, three major secondary recovery water-flood units and production of over one million barrels of crude oil annually. Our production in Long Beach/Signal Hill is "light" and "sweet" oil.

The Long Beach Oil Field is considered a "super giant" field, which means it has produced over 1 Billion Barrels of oil.

Through its decades of operating experience, Signal Hill Petroleum has developed a unique expertise not only in urban oil and gas production operations, but also in urban drilling and urban seismic exploration. As the Long Beach/Signal Hill area has grown, we've developed operating techniques and technology that have been the foundation of successfully co-existing with closely spaced residential and commercial neighbors. To accomplish this, we custom design and operate most of the equipment required to maintain and drill wells.

Signal Hill Petroleum developed a very successful "drill friendly" drilling operation that utilizes custom-designed equipment and operating parameters that are unique to the industry.

This drilling operation has been ongoing for more than two years and has received great community feedback-proving that intense oil drilling can be successful in an urban environment.