Reservoir Management

Oil & Gas Operations


Signal Hill Petroleum's main asset is the Long Beach-Signal Hill Oil Field, a two square-mile field that has been continually producing oil since its discovery in 1921. Today, the field lies directly underneath the cities of Signal Hill and Long Beach, two one-time oil towns that are now part of the diverse urban landscape of the southern Los Angeles Basin.

Despite its small footprint, the Long Beach Oil Field was once the world's richest by surface area and thanks to Signal Hill Petroleum's exploration and management endeavors, continues to be a massive producer of American oil and gas with more than 1.5 million barrels extracted every year.

Our reservoir management teams continually monitor and survey the nearly 400 active and idle wells dotting our urban backyard. Together, a team of geologists and engineers scan the available data and conduct site visits in an effort to increase production by optimizing water flood and decreasing water production.