Drilling Operations

Oil & Gas Operations Overview

Signal Hill Petroleum owns and operates two rigs
to explore the Long Beach Oil Field.

Our company launched a program with all of the operations specifically designed for an urban environment. To be neighbor and community friendly, our operating parameters differ from the rest of the industry.

The drilling operations use custom designed equipment that are all electric and very low emissions. The equipment also has noise and odor controls that are clean and safe. The drilling operations are all within the public view. We have been successful drilling for several years now achieving good results and maintaining our great relationship with the community.

Rig 5 "Little Rig"

Rig 5 was built in 2006 and is a combination electric/Tier 4 clean diesel rotary drilling rig. It has electric mud pumps and a depth capacity of 8,000 feet.

Rig 6

Rig 6 was built in 2011 and is an all-electric top-drive drilling rig. The rotary has a depth capacity of 14,000 feet and has horizontal drilling capability. The rig was custom built specifically for urban operations. It is now the largest piece of drilling equipment owned by our company.